The analyst position is structured as a two or three-year program for individuals desiring an intensive experience in investment banking. Our analysts are typically provided more responsibility than may be offered at other investment banks. Those responsibilities commonly include significant participation in various transaction types. Of course, very high performance expectations accompany the added responsibilities.

The recruitment process for the analyst program takes place in the Fall. Check with the career counseling center at your university for information session dates.


The summer internship program is a 10 week program that provides students completing their junior year, or in certain cases their sophomore year, with an immersive exposure to M&A and / or Capital Markets activities. During the program, interns are exposed to quantitative aspects of the profession, such as financial modeling, valuation analysis and risk assessment. In addition, qualitative aspects of the work such as team collaboration, presentation skills and client interaction are also provided through direct participation in transactional situations.

It is our expectation that exceptional performance during a summer internship will result in an offer to join our analyst program upon graduation. Accordingly, the recruitment process for summer internships is also conducted during the Fall.