About WoodRock

WoodRock & Co. was founded on the principle that investment banking is first and foremost a service business.  Our managing directors get deeply involved in every engagement, bringing a level of attention and a long-term view that other advisory firms often do not provide.  Adding to our consultative approach, our bankers are more than just bankers; each principal brings over 25 years of experience that includes “sitting on the other side of the table.”  While having deep financial backgrounds, we have also run businesses and been purchasers of every form of investment banking service.  Based on those experiences, we set out to build the investment banking firm we wish we could have hired ourselves.

We bring a unique combination of practical business acumen, global reach and financial experience that is vital to assisting our clients in achieving immediate and long term success.   With international relationships and experiences that span the globe, WoodRock is able to bring a level of service and reach that is truly unique in a boutique firm.


We base our growth strategies on a broad foundation of experience, deep research and candor.


We support our clients through each step of every project by thinking like principals.


We foster a workplace and business relationships that emphasize creativity, professional and personal growth, collaboration and mutual respect.